How to make curd or dahi at home (thick curd recipe)

It’s quite a wonder why many people buy curd instead of making it at home. Actually it’s an easy task which requires no experience.

Making curd at home using iOrganic farm fresh cow milk is an exciting experience I would like to share with this post. This post is also for those people who have trouble making curd at home.

Most Indian households make fresh curd (dahi) everyday to include with their meal or make lassi, kadhi etc. Some recipes where dahi is used:

  • Lassi

  • Raita

  • Kababs

  • Curd rice

  • Biryani

Tips on making thick curd or dahi

  1. Always use full fat milk only. As low fat or diluted milk will not set your curd well and makes it watery.

  2. Don’t use greek yogurt for starter as it will yield a sticky curd. Use pre-packed curd as starter for better results.

  3. The amount of starter to be used depends on 3 factors:

    • The kind of milk you are using - homogenized or farm fresh. Homogenized milk requires more starter as the milk is processed and fat molecules are broken down to increase shelf-life. Farm fresh milk requires less starter as the natural milk chemistry stays intact and curd tends to set well and faster.

    • The kind of starter curd you are using - gelatin or non-gelatin. If your starter has gelatin, you have to use more. If the starter is non-gelatin one, you can use lesser.

    • The season - during winters use more starter. Adjust the quantity as per season.

Setting thick curd during winters

  1. Use glass bowl or casserole to set curd.

  2. Wrap a warm cloth to the bowl and keep inside a shelf.

  3. You can also place in oven with the light bulb on.

If you are new to making curd, I suggest watching the following video for detailed recipe and directions:

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