Nurturing Health, Nature, and Communities: Our Journey to Pure, Organic Living

Since early childhood our founders procured their daily essentials like milk, ghee, vegetables and grains from their own farm near Delhi. From grass-fed cow milk to organically grown vegetables, everything was produced with utmost care using traditional farming methods. The taste of pure and wholesome cow milk was so good that commercially available packet milk always tasted like plastic to them. It all started in 2014, when our founders observed the dire state of Indian milk industry and the ever growing food adulteration across India. The lack of transparency of the source of milk, the state of cows and what they were fed, intrigued them to delve deeper. The curiosity grew and the lack of pure and farm fresh food products evoked an earnest desire to provide the freshest and purest food products to people. There was already a growing awareness amongst everyone to live a healthy lifestyle and recapture the organic way of life. The rampant adulteration of milk and other daily essentials like ghee, honey, oils and teas urged them to look for alternatives which were rarely present in the market and created a sudden surge to switch their grocery purchase towards organic. Anticipating this desire early, and compelled to make fresh, high quality, organic food available to everyone, our founders passionately started iOrganic®



Starting with only 20 households in 2014, iOrganic became the first in the city to give the people an option of pure, fresh and organic milk with direct-to-home delivery system. iOrganic’s wholesome and pure cow milk which was reminiscent of milk they had as kids, won people all over Delhi and our patronage increased manifold in a short span of time.



To make sure that pure, organic and chemical-free food is available for everyone. Natural and nutritious food—food grown without potentially harmful pesticides and fertilisers; is essential for good health of our children. At iOrganic, our philosophy and decisions are based on health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We are a mission driven company and are associated with family farmers who believe in organic way of producing food as much as we do.



  • Farm fresh products sourced locally from our partner family farms.
  • Our products are free of any adulteration, preservatives, antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Ethically sourced from farmers who believe in sustainable and bio-diverse farming practices.
  • Our ever-growing customer base is a testament to our relentless attention to quality of our products. We don’t compromise with the quality of our products and every batch of raw ingredients to the final product is tested for its quality, taste and freshness.
  • We use sustainable packaging with reusable glass jars and BPA free jar lids. We also try to use least amount of plastics in our shipments for delivery through online portals.
  • We follow a policy of ‘seed to kitchen’ to reduce the impact of chemicals and pesticides, keep air and water clean and for keeping the soil alive. This also ensures that you get the food unaltered, straight to your kitchen and 100% natural.