❌ Milk collected from thousands of small farmers without strict quality control.

❌ Rampant use of oxytocin hormone to increase milk yield eventually seeps into milk consumed by you.

❌ Heavy use of antibiotics on livestock due to poor sanitation conditions.

❌ Cattle fed with low cost pesticide-laden feed for monetary benefit.

❌ Milk chilled after 2-4 hours of milking leading to increased bacterial load.

❌ Due to poor cold-chain infrastructure middlemen add hydrogen peroxide and formalin to milk to prolong its freshness.

❌ One in two cows in India is infected with mastitis leading to higher SCC(somatic cell count) in milk ( > 1 million cells/ml).

❌ Homogenization alters fat & protein composition of milk.

❌ Due to a chain of middlemen, milk is delivered after 96 hours of milking.

❌ Recent research suggests that 70% of packet milk in the market is reconstituted with skimmed milk powder.

✅ Milk collected from our single large farm and undergoes 20 different quality checks before packaging.

✅ Artificial growth hormones are banned at our farm in compliance with government instructions.

✅ Strong quarantine processes and 24/7 vets ensure good livestock health.

✅ Cattle feed grown across 80 acres of land, ensuring toxin free milk.

✅ Milk rapidly chilled to 40C leading to minimal bacterial load.

✅ Our world class cold-chain infrastructure maintains freshness & purity of milk till your doorstep.

✅ Disinfection of cow milk teats before & after milking performed daily to produce lowest possible SCC milk ( < 300,000 cells/ml).

✅ iOrganic milk is 100% non-homogenized whole cow's milk.

✅ No middlemen, no delays. Milk delivered within 8 hours of milking.

✅ iOrganic milk is delivered everyday with a guarantee of freshness & purity. Nothing added or subtracted.

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