iOrganic Farm Fresh Cow Milk


iOrganic cow milk is organically produced to have a rich taste, creamy texture and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk.

Desi Cow Milk

An ISO & FSSAI certified farm spread over 10 acres, designed with amenities for ultimate cow care & comfort.

Indian Cow Milk

Cattle feed grown across 80 acres of land, ensuring the milk we produce is 100% pesticide and toxin free.

Cow Milk Benefits

Milking is done using automatic Bio-Secure Parlour, ensuring zero human touch from grass to glass.

Fresh Cow Milk

Rapidly chilled to 4°C and bottled fresh in biologically safe glass bottles to retain quality & freshness.

Pure Cow Milk in Delhi

Milk comes from our own dairy farm and is not collected from unknown sources, ensuring 100% purity.

Cow Milk for Baby

To ensure best quality and taste, Milk is delivered to your home under a cold chain within 8 hrs of milking.

Pure Goodness, Delivered Daily!

"We think milk, we think cows!" Our farm is a real, state-of-the-art farm where a happy herd of milking cows produce the purest, freshest & best-tasting milk you will ever find. 

Because our cows are treated with utmost love and care, they remain stress-free & produce the highest quality milk. 

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Organic Cow Milk Price in Delhi

The Freshest No-Boil Milk

iOrganic cow milk is void of artificial growth hormones and remains untouched by human hands from the time it's milked, till the bottle is sealed! Moreover our in-line milk pasteurization process makes it ready-to-drink right out of the bottle without compromising on freshness and nutritional value.

iOrganic Pasteurized Cow Milk
iOrganic Pure Desi Cow Milk

With No Bad Stuff

More than 60% of all milk in India is adulterated with urea, detergents, paints & contaminated water to affect quantity, texture & quality of milk. Our direct-to-home milk delivery removes all middle men involved thereby ensuring the milk your family drinks is Pure, Nutritious & Wholesome Everyday!

Just Good For You!

Grown ups need milk as much as kids do. It’s much better for you than soft drinks or snack foods. It builds strong bones, supports lean muscle, and helps you maintain an active lifestyle.

Organic Dairy Milk


Immunity booster for the whole family.

Breast Milk for Baby


Ideal for expecting mothers.

Milk for Pregnant Women


Wholesome nutrition, without the calories.


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