Exotic Assam Masala Chai / To Refresh and Energize

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Exotic Assam Masala Chai Immunity Booster with blend of Black Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper for Refresh and Energize
Certified Organic
Makes 14 Cups
Refresh Your Self
Boost Immunity
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Take 180ml of rich water, running stream or RO filtered.
Boil to 80°-90° C/ 176°-194° F.
Put 2 Teaspoons of whole leaf tea in boiled water.
Let it steep for 5 minutes.
Add sugar or honey as per taste.
To be served without milk. Best served Hot.


For centuries, the herbal power of Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) has been revered for its ability to help strengthen immunity and promote relaxation. A cup of this ancient Indian tonic tea offers an abundance of antioxidant benefits that can provide a sense of zen in moments of stress or chaos.

Why Choose Organic Assam Masala Chai

in the great plains of Assam, comes the Assam Masala Tea - strong, bold, rich and earthy. A warm aromatic blend of a Assam tea with spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper and clove - to give you a taste that will linger on long after the tea is over.

Reduces Inflammation 
This beverage, which is frequently referred to as masala chai, is made with a variety of spices, with ginger playing a particularly large role. Masala tea therefore has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Boosts Immunity 
Given that it contains cinnamon and clove, masala tea is beneficial for the immune system. The therapeutic effects of the two substances are strengthened when administered jointly.

Aids Digestion 
Elaichi, tulsi, and clove are among the constituents in masala tea that aid with digestion. The impact is intensified when ginger is added to the concoction. On the body, it provides a revitalising and relaxing effect.

Contains Antioxidants 
The main component of masala tea is black tea, which has potent antioxidant effects. Clove and elaichi are used in the beverage to naturally lower cholesterol levels. The components of masala tea regulate the heart rate and blood pressure.

What Customer's Ask

Several reputable tea brands produce organic Exotic Assam Masala Chai, ensuring quality and sustainability.

The organic variant is made with tea leaves and spices that are grown without synthetic pesticides or chemicals, prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Like traditional masala chai, the organic version may offer health benefits, including improved digestion and antioxidant properties.

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A. Sidhu
Awesome product for Masala Chai lovers!!

This is unlike any other tea blend that I've come across in many months! Perfect blend of cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper & cinnamon. Fantastic aroma & kadak taste. Must buy for all masala chai lovers!

My wife loved the flavor completely. Extremely convenient, no need to grate or crush. Love the aroma & tastes amazing. Totally value for money.

Amazing flavor, better than taj broke bond red label.

Wow, why did I ever tasted taj or red label of the world, this is what I need. iOrganic ki chai. Amazing flavor and aroma. No one have just one