Since the inception of our farm, we knew that only "happy cows produce the finest milk".

Therefore, compassionate animal care is the key principle of our dairy farming practices:

Cows are protected and pampered in a natural, wholesome & unhurried atmosphere.
Allowed free grazing and provided round the clock supply of drinking water.
Round the clock attendant & medical staff available.
Sheltered in large barns so they have plenty of space for rumination.
Large fans & water sprinklers keep them stress-free.
Provided clean sanitary conditions and a wholesome nutrition diet that is free from toxins.


This short film explores the passion & conviction that motivates us to deliver quality everyday!

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From Ashok Vihar - New Delhi

Mr. Abhinav Raheja

I had the opportunity to visit their farm today. Very nice experience and an eye opener. The quality standards maintained is world class. Hygiene and cleanliness is given special attention. Finally we can trust a brand which stands for quality and purity.

French Embassy - Delegation from Paris

Mr. Olivier Delbecq

Excellent infrastructure at par with world standards. Keen focus on livestock health and nutrition. Truly one of the best dairy farms in India!

Exec. Vice President - The Oberoi Group

Mr. Arun Bahadur

International standard farm setup with utmost care for cow’s health & well-being. Clean milking and packaging facilities ensure best quality milk everyday. We loved it. Best of luck!

From Lajpat Nagar - New Delhi

Mrs. Shaila Gera

A magnificent facility for organic cow milk. Impressed by the quality control standards and quality of the milk. Must try for everyone!

From Greater Kailash - New Delhi

Mr. Sushil Kumar

The farm is very good and well managed. There is no compromise on quality, and it is only reason we subscribed to iOrganic Milk. Nice efforts team, keep it up!