Darjeeling Second Flush Green Tea - For Age Defense & Focus

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A cup of Darjeeling Second Flush organic green tea will delight your senses with its wonderful aroma, a lingering sweet taste and a pale yellow colour. This green tea is made from the second flush Darjeeling Tea Leaves which are also known as ‘spring flush’.
Certified Organic
Makes 15 Cups
Improves Focus
Boosts Immunity
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A Cup Full of Wellness

Supercharge your immunity and protect yourself from the onslaught of seasonal allergies with iOrganic’s Darjeeling Tea.

Truly Organic

Ingredients: Darjeeling Second Flush Green Tea

Directions: 2 Tea Spoon in 180ml boiling Water brew for 5 minutes and Enjoy the best flavor of the world

Boosts Focus

Boost Focus and Fight's Aging

A blend of premium green tea and herbal ingredients are known to cleanse the body & help you focus. This Darjeeling Second Flush has subtle notes of succulent stone fruit and a hint of spice in the finish. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Why Choose Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Drinking a cup of Darjeeling tea can help you stay happy and, more importantly, healthy. Hand picked in the summer for those who like their tea a little stronger!

Provides Essential Antioxidants 
Darjeeling tea is abundant in antioxidants such as thearubigins and theaflavins., which combats free radicals,

Relieves Stress 
Darjeeling tea eliminates stress by regulating the production of a stress hormone in the body called cortisol.

Facilitates Weight Loss 
Studies have shown that drinking Darjeeling tea reduces belly fat and speeds up weight loss

Lowers the Likelihood of Parkinson's Disease 
Many researchers in India believe that certain bio-active compounds in Darjeeling tea, particularly L-theanine, could play an active role in preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's

What Customer's Ask

The first flush Darjeeling tea leaves are younger, more tender, and have a delicate flavor than the second flush. Why is first flush tea better? The first flush tea typically contains more nutrients, caffeine, antioxidants, and flavor because they have more time to grow. Hence, first, flush tea is considered better.

iOrganic Darjeeling teas can be steeped twice. Steep the second time for 5 minutes. Another optional step is to heat your tea pot before using by rinsing it with hot water. ... By pre-warming the tea ware you make sure that the leaves get enough heat to steep and that will bring out all the flavors.

The second flush comes from leaf harvested in June. Unlike the first flush this tea tends to be much more bold in flavor with full body and deeper amber color. It is often said to have a muscatel flavor which is defined by Merriam-Webster as "a sweet fortified wine from muscat grapes" (Merriam-Webster).

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Customer Reviews

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Very good fragrance and flavour

Loved the flavour. Light and fragrant. Love to have it as is or mix it with CTC for that extra punch. Packaging is great.

Swati AT
Recommend tea for all tea lovers Perfect Flavour Excellent quality

Straight from the garden - finely blended with an aromatic flavour. Loved the sample teas as well. Recommend tea for all tea lovers . Recommend tea for all tea lovers. Direct from Farm to your cup. Anyone can feel the freshness of leaves .

5 out of 5 stars Amazing freshness & taste

Was struck the clarity of the tea made, the fragrance and the freshness. Simply blown away, by far the best darjeeling tea i've had. I brew tea only in water, no milk/sugar added. I love my tea to have a nice color (this gives a golden color), fragrance of freshness and no bitterness. Brew it for 4-5 minutes for the max effect.