6 Surprising Benefits of Honey

HONEY, the very word gives a lot of us sweet jitters, honey is sweet – that’s a given. But it adds that special touch to every beverage. It is a perfect gift from mother nature for all of us who have a sweet tooth. It’s also healthy and nutritious, nature’s way of saying, it cares!

Now, more than ever, honey has become an essential staple in the Indian kitchen. It’s not just a breakfast condiment anymore. With its versatility, today honey is being used not just as a sweetener, but also a flavour enhancer, emulsifier and also a humectant to our favorite dishes.

One little bottle and so many uses, definitely honey has secured a firm place in every household’s grocery list.

My search for pure and natural honey ended with iOrganic‘s pure Himalayan forest honey. It tastes so pure and natural! I could feel the difference from regular market honey. Most importantly, it didn’t alter the taste of my daily morning milk, cereal and honey lemon water.

The honey we find in the markets by the big old trusted brands is ultra-filtered honey. Honey can also be crystallized, pasteurized and dried. Any processing after filtering changes the nature of honey, its nutrients, and its taste.

iOrganic does basic filtering, which is required to rid the honey of pollen, wax, impurities and particles, which maintains its organic taste and quality.

Hi honey! Bye sugar!

Honey is a substitute to sugar and a way healthier version of that! It's slightly sweeter than sugar, so less amount can be used to achieve same sweetness.

Think about it… 1 tbsp. of honey has higher sucrose count than 1 tbsp. of sugar, so you’ll end up consuming it less than you would have consumed sugar.

More importantly, essential nutrients that are killed during the refinement of sugar (thus the name – empty calories) are still intact when you consume honey. So if you’re eating something, might as well go for something more nutritious!

Honey is a natural sweetener, which it literally is! It’s not manufactured in big plants like sugar, but procured by farmers directly from bee hives and delivered to your table.

honey craving

Honey is a super-food. It’s an energy booster, assists in weight loss, improves digestion, boosts memory, natural cough suppressant and helps prevent UTI. There are numerous health benefits of honey.

Show me the honey!

show me the honey pooh

Due to commercialization, costs and the high aesthetic appeal of foods, honey is over-processed. It is pasteurized for easy filtration and bottling. When honey is heated, its delicate aromas, yeast cells and enzymes (responsible for activating vitamins and minerals in the body) are partially destroyed. This means when you consume commercial honey, all you’re taking in is sweetness without any benefits.

So where do we get the real deal?

And that’s iOrganic. The source of its Himalayan forest honey is the key. It's directly procured from the lap of nature. iOrganic honey comes from the Himalayan mountain forests of Kashmir. Such high altitudes and mountain ranges are far from the pollution of the cities!

There are two kinds of honey iOrganic is selling. Himalayan Multi-flora which is derived from pollen of more than one type of flower. Ideal for children, forest poly-floral honey can alleviate a host of health issues and helps in building a strong immune system. The other kind is Himalayan Acacia honey, which is a rare transparent honey and my favorite as it has this unique aroma and defined taste. 

There are a zillion ways you can incorporate honey in your daily diet (see Recipes Here).

But eating this sparkly liquid gold just as it should be enjoyed: au naturel with all its pure goodness, is the best and the easiest way to include it in your diet.

Some quick tips to include honey in our daily routine are:

  • Honey with lemon or cinnamon in warm water on an empty stomach helps in weight loss.

  • Add honey to a cup of warm milk before bed to get better sleep.

  • Stir honey in your daily coffee, tea and smoothie recipe to reduce unnecessary overload of sugar in body.

Though one cannot eliminate sugar from daily lifestyle, at least when you replace it with Honey, it helps you make yourself healthy. So, get yourself a jar of iOrganic’s pure himalayan honey today.

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