Himalayan Ashwagandha Tea | For Stress Relief | Caffeine Free (50 Cups)

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Himalayan Ashwagandha Tea is a unique blend of Green Tea, Stevia, Turmeric & Cardamom that helps to boost your immune system and defend against stress. This tea is caffeine free and perfect for enjoying at any time of day.
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Stress Relieving Ingredients

- Ashwagandha: reduces stress and anxiety
- Turmeric: reduces inflammation
- Cardamom: improves oral health
- Green tea: helps in weight management
- Shatavari: alleviates symptoms of PMS
- Stevia: reduces risk of diabetes

About Ashwagandha Tea

For centuries, the herbal power of Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) has been revered for its ability to help strengthen immunity and promote relaxation. A cup of this ancient Indian tonic tea offers an abundance of antioxidant benefits that can provide a sense of zen in moments of stress or chaos.

Brewing Instructions

- Water 180ml. Use O2 rich water, running stream or RO filtered.
- Temperature 80-90 C / 176-194 F
- Tea Leaves 1.5g
- Let it brew for 5 minutes
- Condiments, Add sugar or honey as per taste
- To be served without milk.
- Best consumed - Hot

Tasting Notes

🤩 Appearance
A hint of cardamom with bits of golden-yellow turmeric and calming Ashwagandha

👃 Aroma
Earthy and vegetal with musky undertones from ashwagandha root and gentle hums of mint from the cardamom

😋 Taste
Greenish golden light cup with a lasting sweet-mint flavour from cardamom & stevia, a texture that is earthy and sweet, with gentle hints of turmeric and Ashwagandha around the margins.

☕️ Liquor
Bright and transparent golden yellow shiny liquor upholds a light-bodied herby flavours with layers of musty wood and tea.

What Customer's Ask

Yes, ashwagandha tea is effective. Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It has a range of health benefits, including:

-Reducing stress and anxiety
-Improving sleep quality
-Boosting energy levels
-Enhancing cognitive function
-Reducing inflammation
-Supporting immune function

So, if you're looking for an all-around health tonic, ashwagandha tea is a great choice.

You can drink ashwagandha tea twice a day. Some people recommend drinking it in the morning and at night. Ashwagandha tea is made from the leaves and roots of the ashwagandha plant, which is a shrub that grows in India and other parts of Asia. The plant has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.

Ashwagandha tea typically takes from 2-3 days to few weeks to start working, but you may notice some benefits related to stress and anxiety reduction sooner.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress. It's one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine that has been used for thousands of years in India.

There is not enough information to make a definitive statement, but it is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid drinking any kind of tea during pregnancy. Some teas (such as black tea) contain high levels of caffeine, which can be harmful to the developing baby. Other teas (such as chamomile tea) may contain compounds that can be dangerous for pregnant women. Ashwagandha tea has not been specifically studied in pregnant women, so it's best to avoid drinking it until more is known.

Preliminary research has found that Ashwagandha tea can help with sleep. One study found that people who drank Ashwagandha tea for eight weeks showed significant improvements in sleep quality, including increased sleep duration and decreased insomnia severity.

Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Authentic Thing Truely Ashwagandha

I have got the confidence in 'Ashwagandha' green teas after using almost all the green tea brands in the Indian market. Although, the quality of consumable is so far better than the others but prices needs to be more competitive as it is bit difficult to manage the cost for maximum consumers, since I believe that everone should get the continues benefit of such health caring product...

Lovely refreshing flavor

I've discovered the true essence of Ashwagandha tea when I'm extremely stressed, or tired.

The flavor is extremely subtle, and I like to brew a large cup (300ml) for about 7 mins. The nuttiness and bitterness of the wood seeps into the water when the bags are dunked for a prolonged time. The first of this brew is wonderful, to say the least. Tension ebbs away slowly, as I enjoy a cuppa. Sometimes, I also pair it with a dollop of honey and crushed clove. But mostly, the original taste pleases me.

This also works beautifully as a sleepy time drink. The tea relaxes the nerves and induces a good sleep ( it does for me anyway)

fell in love with the first sip ...

As a green tea Ashwagandha, I have sampled a lot of brands and flavors.
I was quite surprised to find an ashwagandha flavored green tea.
And Only Leaf proves its name again with a perfect blend of taste and aesthetics.
The pyramid bags are clearly showing the rich content within, and as promised, there is 100% flavor and 0% bitterness.

It's great

Terrific product. I would buy it again!

iOrganic Customer
Combination of health and refreshment

Product is really amazing. It’s is pure and real. 100% quality guaranteed. Worth buying.