A2 Farm Fresh Cow Milk | Hormone & Antibiotic-Free | 1 Litre

₹ 87 ₹ 90
A2 milk is a type of cow milk produced by cows that naturally produce A2 beta-casein protein only in their milk instead of the common combination of both A1 and A2. As a result, it can be easier to digest and have fewer allergenic effects than regular cow's milk due to its lower levels of Beta-Casomorphin Peptides (BCMs) which are related to possible digestive problems.
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S Mukherjee

A2 Farm Fresh Cow Milk | Hormone & Antibiotic-Free | 1 Litre

Ritesh Gupta
Excellent quality

Excellent milk usually before iorganic milk in my house i used 1/2 litter milk now i used 2 ltr daily drastic change it’s hygienic, quality and of course delivery is mind blowing!

Manish Aggarwal
Pure a2 milk

Visited iorganic farm at kundli, sonepat with my wife today... Highly impressed... Whatever shown in the website video is true... atmosphere given to the cows is really gud...owner aditya sinhal was really courteous and explained every detail about their facility...will definitely visit their bottling facility in the near future.

Aurovrata Venet

Great product, well packaged. I found out (from an iOrganic rep who called me) that their price does not include the cost of the glass bottle, and request their customers to return the bottle so it can be reused. Now that's what I call sustainable business!

Quality-wise, I make curd with my milk and I am able to get 3 to 4 table spoons of cream (which I use to make ghee). So overall very satisfied, 5 stars well deserved.

Regi Jenarius
Authentic milk

One of the most reliable, convenient and authentic sources of A2 milk available in India 👍