It all started in 2013. We were a handful of software engineers and we were fed up with the state of milk in India. Adulteration had become rampant and transparency was going extinct.


To make sure that pure, organic and chemical-free food is available for everyone. Natural and nutritious food—food grown without potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers; is essential for good health of our children. At iOrganic, our philosophy and decisions are based on health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We are a mission driven company and are associated with family farmers who believe in organic way of producing food as much as we do.



  • Active in New Delhi, iOrganic focuses on direct-to-home delivery of farm fresh cow milk.

  • We pioneered the sustainable farm-to-home milk delivery model, starting with 20 households and slowly winning our customers with the freshness and taste of milk.

  • Customer farm visit programme keeps our milk production transparent to our quality conscious patrons; reassuring our commitment to serve 100% adulteration free milk everyday.


  • Daily delivery of organic cow milk produced at the biggest and most awarded dairy farm of Delhi-NCR.

  • With more than 70% of milk in India being adulterated with pus, hormones and antibiotics; we created a new segment for the quality conscious consumer.

  • A professionally managed CRM creates a customer experience far and beyond the current unorganized milk vending system.

  • A professional Call-Center and delivery management system results in seamless customer handling.

  • An extensive and efficient logistics network means our on-time delivery performance rate is >95%.


  • 2000 Active Households Served Daily.

  • 11,00,000 litres of pure milk delivered.

  • 8,00,000 milk deliveries completed.

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.
— Herophilus