Why organic milk costs more?

Organic farm-fresh milk costs more simply because it costs our farmers more to produce it.

iOrganic cow milk is a little more expensive than regular packet milk because making a product that’s pure, produced naturally and guarantees the highest animal welfare isn’t cheap or easy.

Specifically, growing our own cattle feed on 100 acre land is more expensive, fewer cows can be farmed per hectare of farm land and the volume of milk each organic cow produces is at a lower, more natural, level.

Also, from keeping mastitis infection at bay with daily disinfection of cow milk teats to producing the lowest possible SCC(somatic cell count) milk in accordance with world standards, is a cost intensive process. This means the farmer has to charge more for the milk to cover his costs for feed, labour and volume. But there are none of the hidden environmental costs to pay. So, for an average family of 4 to switch to iOrganic farm fresh cow milk, it's a great health upgrade, all things considered.

If you are hesitating initially to switch over due to a high price, we can do simple math to see how reality is other way round!

For a family of 4, switching over to iOrganic farm-fresh milk for a whole month costs ONLY ₹500 more than regular full-cream packet milk.

On the contrary, a family of 4 spends about ₹700 on a large pizza for dinner. To summarize:


And think about this: as well as having a pure product with no unnatural additives or adulteration, by paying that little extra, each typical family that switches to organic milk – will contribute to the welfare of farmers and motivate them to produce more better quality milk.


iOrganic Farm Fresh Cow Milk is naturally produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and toxic pesticides. It has a rich flavour, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma, many of you have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk. "It tastes like milk should taste" We know you will agree!

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