Freeze Dried Oregano Leaves / Sprinkler Bottle / Pack of 2

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iOrganic Freeze Dried Oregano is picked at its peak with warm and aromatic flavors. A delicious enhancement to your favorite lasagna, fresh baked bread or sprinkle it onto your wood fired pizza.
Anti Bacterial
Anti Viral
Reduces Inflammation
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Dried Oregano is widely used in many world cuisine . Even a little oregano sprinkled on a dish goes a long way!


Dried Oregano is an essential ingredient in Turkish, Palestinian, Syrian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin American, and Italian cuisine. It can goes well with many dishes


The flavour of freeze-dried herbs is more concentrated, and the fact that it doesn't involve heat sets it apart from other plant preservation techniques. Heat lowers the nutritional values of the plant, so not applying heat means your herbs hold virtually the same nutrients, minerals and vitamins as they did when they were fresh. Plus, you have the reassurance that your herbs are completely free of additives and preservatives.

WHY CHOOSE iORGANIC Freeze Dried Oregano

Oregano is a popular ingredient that instantly improves the flavor of any savory dish

Rich in Antioxidant 
Oregano is rich in antioxidants, which are compounds that help fight damage from harmful free radicals in the body

Anti Bacterial 
Oregano contains certain compounds that have potent antibacterial properties

Anti Viral 
Lcarvacrol and thymol are two compounds in oregano that have been associated with antiviral properties

Reduces Inflammation 
Oregano is rich in antioxidants, which can help neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation

What Customer's Ask

Sprinkle Oregano on freshly served food , be it sandwiches, pasta, fried chicken , veg fried snack , pizza. The flavor of oregano is boldest in its uncooked form

Oregano has anti inflammatory, anti cancer, anti fungal, anti viral properties . It is a must have ingredient in the kitchen. It not only has a great taste but offers many health benefits too.

In freeze-drying, the herbs are frozen at shallow temperatures. Once frozen, they are moved to a compartment that is vacuum-sealed. Through the process of sublimation, the moisture is completely removed. This retains the nutritional value of the herb and increase it shelf life. Also there is a new change in flavor and its free of any preservatives or additives

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