iOrganic Farm Fresh Cow Milk

iOrganic cow milk is the safest & healthiest milk you can get. It remains untouched by human hands from the time it's milked, till the bottle is sealed! Naturally rich in nutrients, the milk we bring you is 100% Fresh, Pure & Healthy!

iOrganic Desi Cow Milk in Delhi

How We Do It

Our 5 point production process ensures utmost freshness and purity all the way from grass to glass!


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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is iOrganic Milk?

iOrganic Milk is a Premium Quality Farm Fresh Cow Milk, obtained from livestock raised in a cruelty free environment in accordance with international standards. It's just real milk the way cows make it! Not a cocktail of chemicals. It’s the form of milk Mother Nature intended you to have.

+ Where does it come from?

Milk comes from Our FSSAI & ISO 22000:2005 Certified Farm situated at Sonepat, Haryana region and delivered to your home everyday! See Our Farm Now →

+ What makes it so good?

iOrganic Cow Milk is wholesome & full of natural goodness. Due to highest possible production standards, it has multiple benefits over your current packet milk:

  • Higher Nutritional Value. (Omega 3, CLA, PUFA and Vitamin E).
  • Untouched by Human Hands. Cows are milked using Automatic Bio-Secure Parlour ensuring zero human contact.
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones. Our cows are never injected with hormones to boost milk yield.
  • No Antibiotics or Steroids. When the cows fall sick, they are quarantined.
  • No Pesticides. We grow our own cattle feed across 80 acres of land, ensuring the milk we produce is 100% toxin free.
  • No Milk Powder Added. Unlike packet milk we do not add milk powder to standardize our milk.

+ How can I be assured of purity?

According to research reports by National Dairy Research Institute, more than 60% milk sold in the India is unsafe and adulterated. Most of the milk sold today by standalone dairies and even trusted milk brands could be laced with urea, detergents, paints or formalin.

iOrganic Cow Milk is delivered everyday with 100% Guarantee of Purity! Milk only comes from our own dairy farms and not collected from unknown sources. From cow's udder till your doorstep, it undergoes stringent quality checks and care to ensure what you get is 100% Pure & Safe.

+ Does it taste different?

iOrganic Cow Milk is Truly the Best Tasting Milk! It is organically produced to have a rich sweet taste, creamy texture and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk.

+ Do I need to boil this milk?

iOrganic Cow Milk is India's First Ready-to-Drink Bottled Milk. Our In-line Pasteurization process makes milk safe to drink right out of the bottle without compromising on freshness and nutritional value. So just - Open • Pour • Enjoy!

+ How long can I keep it?

We always advise consumption of milk the same day of delivery. The shelf life of milk is 2 days if kept under refrigeration at around 4ºC.

+ Is this milk ideal for children?

3 times more Omega-3, one of the best brain foods, along with high levels of CLA and Calcium make this milk most recommended for young children and expecting mothers. Moreover Active Lactose Enzymes help promote faster and full digestion.

+ Why is it packed in glass bottles?

Glass is one of the safest materials on earth, to package milk. It is non-toxic and non-reactive, as compared to plastic, which can leach into food. Moreover biologically safe glass botlles can retain freshness and quality of milk for a longer period of time.

+ Is it good for the health conscious?

iOrganic Cow Milk is naturally LOW FAT, not containing more than 3.5 to 4.0 percent fat. This naturally occuring fat provides wholesome nutrition without the risk of obesity.

+ Why do you call it cruelty-free milk?

Compassionate animal care is the key principle of our advanced dairy farming practices:

  • Cows are protected and pampered in a natural, wholesome & unhurried atmosphere.
  • Allowed free grazing and provided round the clock supply of drinking water.
  • Sheltered in large well-equipped barns so that they have plenty of room to move around.
  • Round the clock attendant & medical staff available.
  • Large fans & water sprinklers keep them stress-free.

+ Can I visit your Farm?

Sure! We conduct farm visits for our clients every Sunday between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. If you are an existing iOrganic Customer, you can easily book your visit on our website or by calling our customer care. Book Your Farm Visit Now →

+ Great, so how can i try this milk?

It's simple! Just Fill The Form Here and book your trial delivery in a snap. Our representative will contact you and offer you a time slot for delivery as per your convenience. You can also check our Current Delivery Locations →

+ What are your terms of subscription?

iOrganic Cow Milk is priced at ₹72.00 per Litre. Fill The Subscription Form on our website or contact customer care +91-11-6549-4949 whatsapp +91-7838-654949 to place your order. Also while subscribing you will be asked for your daily milk requirement (in Litres) and your preference of delivery (Daily or Alternatively).

For every new subscription, you will have to deposit a refundable security amount of ₹1000 against a deposit receipt. Refund for the same will be issued to you on cancellation of service with a notice period of 48 hours.

+ How do i pay for iorganic milk?

Your bill will be generated every fortnight (15th day and last day of the month) and sent to your delivery address. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number for the same. iOrganic Cow Milk Bill can easily be paid either online by paying cash to our registered delivery personnel. Pay Your Bill Now →

+ Do you deliver in my locality?

Kindly check our Delivery Locations Here, to see if we deliver in your locality. If you cannot find your area of residence, kindly Call +91-11-6549-4949 Whatsapp +91-7838-654949 or Mail us at to post your enquiry.

+ What are your delivery timings?

North & South Delhi - 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. West Delhi - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Do remember to rinse & return iOrganic glass bottles daily.

+ I am going away on holiday, can I put my delivery on hold?

Sure! With a 24 hr prior notice of any change or cancellation, we can stop or reschedule your delivery and you will not be charged for non-delivery periods. Kindly contact customer care for the same.